Dear Mr. Right

Dear Mr. Right,

Although it may seem unfair that we have still yet to probably even lay eyes on each other, I promise you that we are just still not ready to meet each other yet. As much as I want to rush this process and experience life with you immediately, I can’t. I can’t risk searching for you now, only to be overlooked by you when I am still not the woman not even ready to love herself. You might not be ready for me to accept you just yet either, so don’t you try to hunt me down.

Instead, I want us to each just be perfectly content with who we are as individuals firmly rooted in Christ. And perhaps, one day, you’ll randomly catch a glimpse of me and let the Lord lead you after that. Please be rather persistent with me, for it will be difficult for me to once again become vulnerable for another.

But with you it will be different. You, will be forever eternally grateful that I took that chance with you…by proving yourself to me every day that you will never abandon me and leave me bleeding. I at times may wonder why you’re taking a chance on me too, but your constant and steadfast love for me will one day forever quench that flame of doubt. For the first time, I will be able to have a tangible example of just how much Christ loves and pursues me as His bride…without ceasing.

You’ll look at me and, just as with Christ, I’ll be it. I will always be enough, and I will never have to prove myself of that to you. You will always know this, and on the days that I might start to forget this about myself, you will be quick to remind me of God’s truth about what He says about me. Together, we will bring Him both glory and joy by being two souls of the same mind, of the same love, being in full accord one with another. Until then, keep being you and I’ll keep being me.

Love, His Daughter

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