Don’t Date A Christian Boy

All throughout college, I was under the impression that if I could just find myself a ‘Christian boy’ (or, what most girls call a ‘unicorn’), I’d be all set. Someone with a bible verse in their Instagram bio, a cross around their neck, and a position of authority in a local church or ministry (bonus points if they also had long flowing locks like Jesus).

That Christian boy would then proceed to take me on all of these cute dates, which would in turn remind me of just how much God loves me…my knight in shining armor, my savior on earth, the solitary facet of my life that I could finally start thanking God for.

Guys, I’m here to tell you right now that Christian boys aren’t all they are cracked up to be, and they are not quite as scarce as the mythical unicorns we portray them to be. In fact, they populate the earth in great numbers.

Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way.

A Christian boy remembers to move their lips occasionally during worship to make it look like they are singing. A Christian boy reads about love, but speaks hate. A Christian boy finds it hard to sit still during a church service, continuously whispering to his buddies sitting around him. A Christian boy desires to marry a ‘good Christian girl’, but doesn’t think twice about trying to infringe on her purity throughout their entire dating relationship.

If you are dating a boy like this, run. Settling on a guy like this just to tell your girlfriends that you are dating a ‘good Christian boy’ is not worth it, I swear.

I was so consumed with the idea that somehow dating a good Christian boy would somehow ‘make perfect’ the girl that grew up in Colorado without a God for most of her life. I needed someone that grew up in church to teach me a few things, right?


What I really needed was to realize, on my own, that this girl was made perfect years ago, before any ol’ boy came around. To finally realize that even the godliest of men could never accomplish what I was expecting them to do.

That power lies only in Christ, and Christ alone. Christ mends what is broken, and stands proudly by what He has healed and made new. He patiently waits for us to come back to Him, no matter how many times we venture off into the unknown. And upon our return, we are once again known by Him like nothing had ever happened. With the same love, the same devotion, the same grace.

And if He realizes that, “hey, that dude over there just might be able to glorify My Father even more hanging around a girl like this”, then by golly He’s gonna stand with you and fight to keep all of those “Christian boys” away from you that will have the opposite effect and instead extinguish your relationship with Him.

Be still, and wait for that GODLY MAN that closes his eyes during worship with tears streaming down his cheeks, that sees love as an action verb rather than a noun, that pays his full attention to the preacher speaking to him in order to decipher whether or not he is truly sharing God’s truth, that desires a godly woman to walk alongside him and is willing to sacrifice daily to keep on treating her the way God wants him too (even if at times she doesn’t deserve it).

Charm is deceitful, and looks are fleeting. Remind yourself of this if you find yourself clinging to your current boo just because of these things. What they are on the inside is worth far far more in the long run.

I realize that the man that I am describing truly is a freakin unicorn. But with God, if there’s a will, there’s a way. If His will is to have you rock the crap out of single life, CELEBRATE THAT (seriously, it’s awesome haha). But if His will is other wise, all you have to do is sit back and freely receive that oh so special gift.

But whatever you do, don’t you dare date a Christian boy. Believe it or not, you truly deserve better.








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