Your One Thing

Pray for peace.

Pray for comfort.

May you always be reminded of His will. His promises. His faithfulness.

You may be in over your head, but beautifully so…

Faithfully cling to Him as your Protector. Your Provider. Your Companion. Your friend.

Though the seasons change…His love remains.

He chooses, despite the many moments where your faith is lacking, to:


Stand by you.

Defend your honor.

Remind you that you are remarkable.


He brings beauty from the ashes of doubt, insecurity, fear…

for He will have His Bride.


Sin and shame try to clothe you in tattered rags, but His grace and glory clothe you flawlessly in white.

You are made both by Him and for Him.

You are all that you are, thanks to Him.

Since His love got a hold of you, you’re a new creation.

A new creation that is forever changing as you find uniquely beautiful ways to reflect His glory.

He truly is all that you need.

Your One Thing.

He is our breathe, our life, our everything.

Everything else doesn’t matter anymore.


May your feet dance on disappointment, and may you worship…

If the stars were made to worship, so shall you.


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