The Struggle is Real

My deepest of wounds come from the deepest of confusions concerning God’s will and that of my own. At times, the following four situations seem to come at me one after the other in rotation as constant as clothes trapped in the dryer in the middle of a spin cycle:

1) I want THIS, but He wants THAT….

2) He wants THAT, but I want THIS….

3) We BOTH (finally, lol) want the same thing, but it just isn’t happening right now…

4) Or, something that NEITHER of us want to happen eventually DOES happen, and at a high cost….

Does anyone else get tired of this unrelenting cycle, or is it just me?

For those of you who’s answer is yes, just know that you are not alone in your struggle (trust me, the struggle is very real for this girl, lol). But not just in number alongside others who are struggling with this same problem, but right there with Jesus!

He never promises that we will never experience painful, trying, or just downright confusing times such as these, but He DOES promise that He will be right there with us to provide encouragement to each and every one of us as both our Comfort and our Friend. Praise Jesus that this promise, along with all other promises made to us, are always met with “yes” and “amen”.

The most beautiful thing about His love is that even though we as mere mortals will never be able to fully comprehend it, His love will always fully comprehend us. God is familiar with our struggles and the Devil’s attempts at convincing us that we will never overcome them, and vows to never forget or forsake us.

God guides us through each and every one of our struggles. And where He guides, He provides. He is the ONLY reason you have made it this far. Don’t give up now.

In the end, everything is going to be okay.

Be grateful for those wounds inflicted by your heart’s desires not being met that push you towards God, no matter how many times they have broken you.

You may break, but oh…

you will also heal and rejoice in freedom.

Seek the One who confidently conquers your deepest of fears concerning the future. Someday, you will be really REALLY grateful that God gave you what you needed instead of what you thought you needed at this point in time.

Focus on Jesus, love others, and speak hope as you rest in the sweetest assurance of the following truth:

The ultimate purpose of this life is not to figure out God’s will over every aspect of your life, but to experience a love greater than life itself; the love of Jesus Christ, the sovereign Lord and Saviour of our souls.






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