heart filled, spirit renewed

“Why do I feel so empty?”

This is a question that pops up into everyone’s head at least once in their life. Perhaps even Jesus’. After all, even He had to take time away to be renewed before He was ready to willingly live out God’s purpose for his life up until death.

Your friends and family don’t always know if you are feeling this way or what they should do about it, and they never will. Only you can know the exact way you are feeling at any given moment.

Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy (Proverbs 14:10)

You are not a failure for not living out you life in “perfect balance” like you are convinced everyone else is on your Instagram feed. In fact, I don’t believe in balance (beyond the scientific sense, lol). Life is definitely way too messy and unpredictable for that ish.

Instead, finally give yourself permission to allow yourself to be renewed through the act of receiving rather than giving.

That’s right, receiving rather than giving.

There is no mistaking that the Lord definitely calls us to give freely and be servant hearted, but if we constantly do so and forget to put a little back into the tank, we’ll be running on E pretty quickly. No matter what renews us, the source is ultimately the same:

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28)

I feel like most of us know that this is all common sense. But if it is, why is it so darn hard for us to receive??

Well, it definitely poses a risk to those that aren’t biting at the bit to willingly open up and expose our hands, hearts, and lives. This is a very vulnerable thing for us to do. Giving allows us to control when, how, where, and how much. Receiving does not.

Receiving can also be interpreted as an act of selfishness in a way. Sometimes when I receive, it feels like I’m taking away from someone else. But in reality…I am actually blessing someone else by letting them give to me, just like when I feel blessed when giving to them.

Others also look at receiving as something that can be a bit unproductive. In this case, treat it like another task on your list. Work hard to make feeling renewed through receiving a priority and part of your plan for the day.

But perhaps the most common reasons why receiving is just so darn hard for us is because we are currently living the lie that we are undeserving of any gifts, from anyone. We find ourselves pushing others away or withholding what we need from ourselves because we don’t believe we’ve earned it…but God clearly tells us that receiving is all about grace. If feeling unworthy convinces us that we must wait until we are “perfect” to receive, then it is never going to happen. Period. Choose to receive not because you are “perfect”, but because you are dearly loved, chosen, and redeemed.

Receiving may feel more scary and unpredictable, but it is essential. Never forget that you are worth investing in, dear one. You are a woman with a purpose and calling on your life. You are literally of infinite value, and NO ONE can take your place. God doesn’t have a backup plan for you, so take care of yourself babe. It is OKAY to take care of yourself. You are someone’s beloved.

You deserve it.

You deserve it.


Dare to take the risk. Renew that spirit of yours, girl. Love yourself because He loves you too.

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