about meBeautifully Broken is a creative collective geared toward leading beautifully broken people wounded by anxiety, grief, and abuse into Christ’s warm embrace. This is a place where you are loved and accepted as the beautifully broken person you are, no matter what kind of hell you’ve been through. A place where transparency is welcome, encouraged, and utilized to reflect God’s glory and make His name great.

My name is Alyssa Higgins, and I started this blog my junior year of college shortly after my mother passed away. In response to the waves of anxiety that would hit me, one of which landing me in the ER, I began to write. All of the feelings I had failed miserably at bottling up and handling on my own for so long were finally being poured out and exposed for all to see…

And, surprisingly, these thoughts caught the hearts of others like wildfire.

I found that people from all around the world were reading and commenting on my posts, relating to parts of my living testimony that I thought were just “too ugly” for other people to experience…

Even later on after I overcame my anxiety and ended my first relationship, a manipulative and sexually abusive relationship that left me lying yet again among the beautifully broken pieces of myself, He was still able to use that situation for good. To reflect the glory of the Holiest of Holies…

I have been moved to holy tears many, many times writing these posts…and others have commented or come up to me confessing that same outcome for themselves while reading. To have God encourage others, glorifying Himself in the process, through the beautifully broken pieces of my life He has used for good…is testament that God’s love knows no bounds.

I pray that God continues to romance me the best way He knows how, finding glory in all of my sufferings and the sufferings of others…

“…because we know that suffering produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope…”

Romans 5:3-4

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